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I think it should be obvious but I have a thing for vampires. The sight of a hot guy with fangs is a major turn on for me. It is my fetish. And possibly it’s your fetish too, or you just have an interest in vampires. So why don’t I feel comfortable in a regular fetish club. Have vampires become so popular that sporting fangs would now seem too mainstream? Straight goth clubs are, well, straight and then there’s the music. Gay fetish clubs are great and while I’ll admit to enjoying a bit of leather with my fangs, I don’t see guys walking around in leather or rubber (or nothing) also wearing fangs. I am lucky to have a boyfriend equally into vampires as I am, but is being a gay vampire only for the bedroom? Why must those with the vampire fetish only come out at halloween!

A recent post on Queerty about the Twinklight trailer openly requested readers mock the film. I think most of the commenters were missing the point. Aside from my own very biased opinion towards gay vampire porn, as Twinklight is not geared to but a handful of the commenters, the commenters are tearing apart a film they haven’t seen or would even care to see. I don’t care to watch the majority of porn available because it’s not what turns me on for the same reason. Those readers were forgetting something important about adult films—it’s about the fantasy. So as the industry continues to pump out the exact same films with different actors and various double-entendre or spoof titles, it is refreshing to see a film that actually does make an effort to be different.

I know I am getting serious and also taking Twinklight too seriously, but from what I’ve seen so far we can expect to see a gay film that actually includes a story, acting, and emotion, as well as sex. Twinklight is also fighting back against the sexless mormon too-cute teenage love story that is Twilight. Here instead are a group of humans and vampires who fall in love, have sex and actually bite their victims with their fangs. Sure some have commented that the feeding scenes are violent, and yes that’s true, but they are extremely hot too.

Being turned on by vampires is certainly not new and sociologists, anthropologists and psychologists have all made observations as to why this is so. When it comes to gay vampires we associate coming out of the closet with coming out of the coffin. And yes as vampires have become popular lately, which is part their natural rise and fall, but more importantly vampires have evolved. The vampires created by Eastern-European folklore have been dissected by modern science as well as being disregarded for being the result of the uneducated. A corpse became a vampire if it wasn’t laid to rest properly or if the person had done something wrong in their life. Digging up that corpse the villagers often found a body not yet decomposed, possibly with fluids (including blood) leaking from the mouths so as to give the effect that the corpse had been feeding on blood.

Bram Stoker, constantly ridiculed by the vampire characters in modern stories for getting so much wrong, introduced the vampire in a very sexual way but cloaked for the prude Victorian-era audience. Since then, vampire stories have gone from the vampire being a monster to one of sexual desire. Thanks to Anne Rice, the vampire was able to evolve further, including breaking down more sexuality barriers. Vampires are now more than the walking corpses they were first thought to be, at least in fiction, in reality I still sadly haven’t met one. There are many terrible vampire films on the market, and a ton of pulp fiction mostly for women. Maybe there is something in Stephen Marches Esquire piece “Vampires as gay men“, after all there is a lot of gay vampire novels written for and by women. (The most obvious sign is that their vampire characters have long hair). Twilight could be a result of this, but Twilight is not gay, just sexually repressive, and a step backward for vampire evolution.

I wrote this before for an interview with Unzipped. Over time vampires in film have gone from being portrayed monsters to sensual beings, but few films have tackled this for gay men. The deluge has come in the written word, allowing gay’s to imagine this perfect man who is nearly always exceptionally good-looking, dangerous and predatory yet sensual. Gay men want to submit to the vampire because he is stronger and more powerful then us, and we want to be vampires for those same feelings of strength and control over whoever we choose as our prey.

We should feel liberated, free to explore our fetish and desires. We should be able to relate to vampires—the outcasts, deviants in society. While being gay is safe in some places, being a vampire, or rather being into a vampire, is still something to hide it seems. Returning to other fetishes such as leather, there are the fetish clubs which allow men to explore their fetish, but it is unlikely any of them would be seen walking down the street wearing leather pants, sadly. Such a thing labels the person gay (ironically) or European, not that I see main European men walking down the street in leather either. But leather—and rubber, etc—have their safe places unlike vampires. If I go to a fetish party this summer, such as one in London mid-July, would I be able to get away wearing fangs and leather or would I appear as a freak. London’s fetish week shows pictures of guys in leather, rubber, skinheads, but at the “Full-fetish” party, what is truly acceptable. Of course if any of you immortal readers are not into leather, rubber or neoprene, you’d feel even less welcome (if not totally barred at the door). Then again, fangs can easily be added to whatever you are into… punk, uniform & military, sports wear, swimwear, even your everyday look, and doesn’t have to be the lace-silk-ruffles of goth. The vampire fetish is universal and yet is it accepted. I wish I could say yes.

Note: I feel like including a special side rant about leather, especially finding good leather. By no means is this an endorsement, but after browsing and purchasing leather from various retailers in Europe (and London), by far the best two leather retailers are Northbound and Priape (neither in Europe). Northbound especially has really high-quality leather (and I’ve bought the cheap stuff so I know), but unlike RoB they have more than one style of pants and shirts that don’t look like police uniforms. To create that perfect vampire image, a little leather helps, and it’s nice not to wear standard leather jeans like everyone else, after all a vampire needs to look good and not conform.

Image from Twinklight (Afton Nills Pictures)

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  1. Woooohoooo….at last I found someone with same interest with me, my fantasies is to having a party with everyone use fang and blood (of course the fake one, I’m not a fan of satanic anyway). I don’t know why these things turn me on. I even have “freaker” fetishes, I love watching man using scary halloween makeup, not the cheap one, and it really turn me on…its really hard to find film who combines great halloween make up and sex. Your website just give me some insight about my interest, thank u bro…:)

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