Gay vampires on your Kindle

While I’m more of an iPad fan, Amazon has a bigger selection of books for the Kindle (and also the Kindle app for your iPhone, iPad, Android and home computer). Our friend Ethan editor of Late Night Boyfriends has informed us that the anthology is now available for Kindle (Late Night Boyfriends on and on If you’d prefer the print edition, it’s also available… and if you are in the UK there’s a 1 copy left at the moment.

Ethan’s news made me start looking around the Kindle store more closely for other gay vampire books, and there are plenty, many of them even worth buying. I’m not suggesting you go buy a Kindle or UK Kindle
(even if they are pretty cheap) because I think an iPad is better. Of course if you have an iPhone you can already start reading Kindle books. Ebooks and the basic ebook reader has really come into it’s own in the last year and they are no longer a toy. Some of the highlights from the Kindle store include Midnight Thirsts: Erotic Tales Of The Vampire, Masters Of Midnight, the Mark Julian Vampire P.I. series, and Bound In Flesh. Or check out the complete collection of gay vampire fiction in the Kindle US Store or in the Kindle UK Store.

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  1. Was looking at Banpaia by D. J. Manly and A. J. Llewellyn, but seriously can’t get kindle until my new laptop comes.

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