Halloween 2015 video review

Clearly I was off my game this year and arrived late to this Halloween’s crop of gay vampire videos. (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the lack of promotion by any of the adult film studios).

From year to year the studios put out Halloween themed videos often featuring vampires. Previous years have given us the Randy Blue halloween vampires, Suck This starring Marcus Mojo and vampire Samuel O’Toole, and the following year from Next Door we had Dead Head. I’m still waiting and hoping BelAmi gets in the act with a proper fang filled vampire film next Halloween.

Loyal reader Ryan alerted me to a number of videos both great and disappointing.

Meet Le Suckers

First up, a full-length film from earlier in 2015 featuring French vampires. Ridley Dovarez’s Suckers makes a nice addition to gay vampire films, however without any subtitles and my terrible understanding of French, most of the dialogue was lost on me. Ridley promotes rougher sex, if you’re into that, and can be found throughout Suckers. Vampire Tiron (Jordan Fox) is prowling the streets of Paris in search of blood and much more. He takes several victims this night, and turns two (a vampire hunter and a beautiful twink). Overall it’s a good video featuring fanged vampires, but I found the humiliation a dull part of the sex. I can understand a little torture of the vampire hunter, but the way he treats twink Kevin Ass is odd, particularly the light kicking. After the sex Tiron breaks the twink’s neck off camera, but he returns in the final scene as the vampire’s plaything. A single bite turns the hunter, but the twink’s turning is less immediate.


Thirst from Men.com

Men.com ran their four part vampire video series Thirst but seemed to leave out the fangs. This is sad because I would love to see Pierre Fitch with fangs. So it’s not worth checking out. There is at least a $1 trial if you want to check out the videos, sans fangs. Currently there are only 2 parts available to watch online (1 & 4).

Another note, the Men.com Thirst is not the fang filled original Thirst which is much better and worth watching.


Meet Le Suckers

Finally Jason Sparks live gave us a little vampire treat this Halloween in the form of vampires Jack Hunter and Scott DeMarco seducing Zack Grayson. Despite the description claiming “little does he know that the two of them are Vampires”, it’s pretty clear from the moment Jack & Scott appear that they are vampires. Zack’s dialogue is a bit odd unfortunately and the action pretty normal. The description also gives away the ending and (spoiler) despite any promo photos of Zack with fangs, he becomes a vampire in the end, nearly making up for the poor biting. Zack gets my vote for being the hottest vampire out of the threesome. Maybe next year he can return in his own video biting and seducing his own victims. Until then, let’s hope more gay vampire videos are released.





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