Halloween creeps closer

The week is over and the Halloween parties have begun. It looks like parties are happening from tonight until Monday. I’m glad to say there are a few events in Europe (a continent not as familiar the these traditions). But thanks to gays, Halloween has become an adult holiday. And what better chance to be able to come out of the coffin for just one weekend, even if your friends wonder why you are a vampire every year. So just a bit of news to share for tonight…

The new videos are now up at Next Door Buddies and Rod Daily. Dead Head features a vampire and horned-creature (Kevin Crows & Anthony Romero), while in Demonlover Rod Daily is a demon with fangs and blood-red eyes awoken by Silas O’Hara to be released October 28. Check them out later this week.

Even better news, we should expect a Twinklight update soon (as in for Halloween). The second Twinklight DVD, Vampire Diary is now on sale (from Gaylife Network). If you are a Twinklight subscriber, you can view the same scenes and more at Twinklight.tv.

I’ll continue to hunt throughout the weekend for more gay vampire goodies for you to bite into. If you are lucky enough to live in the North of England (or Scotland), Vamperifica will be shown at the Bram Stoker Film festival in Whitby, UK. (Whitby featured in the Dracula story and has been the scene of a vampire festival for many years).

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