Halloween is coming… are you ready?


Welcome vampires! The night to show your fangs is almost here. Will you be hiding inside or out prowling the street & clubs? Who will you bite, or are you looking to get bitten? Are you ready?

Around this time of year a lot of people visit this site from all around the world, our busiest time of the year. Welcome to new and returning visitors. You will find a good collection of articles on every gay vampire movie and adult film (of which there are only a few), plus vampire news from the last few years. But gay vampires have been quiet lately. I’m big into vampires (fangs turn me on) basically it’s my fetish.

Since the great Twilight collapse that saw the last of the film series (which we saw as well with the end of the Twinklight porn series), vampires have not been much in vogue. This makes me quite sad. But don’t despair, vampires are still sexy as hell.

Halloween is a big deal in the gay community, probably bigger than Christmas. It’s an excuse to dress up and come together to party. However this is not true everywhere. In most European countries, Halloween themed parties seem at most an excuse to raise club cover charges. There aren’t the same street parties in London or Paris as you’d find in NYC or San Francisco. Party goers seem to make less effort or none at all. Of course I always go as a vampire. And like the vampire parties I’ve attended, I put in many hours of preparation, although I’m really quite terrible with getting the makeup right.

My Halloween wish is that you all get out and have fun. Make sure you go out, and if you don’t plan to be show your vampire nature, do be nice to other out vampires (especially in London).

If you’re looking for an introduction to gay vampires, I wrote this article some time ago. This introduction also includes a list of gay vampire movies to help get you in the mood.

There’s an entire section on gay vampire porn, but for the best films I urge you to check out Twinklight. I know it’s now a few years old, but it was the best in vampire and production quality. Not into twinks? Suck This was also a good film starring Marcus Mojo and Samuel O’Toole. (Sign up for the 3 day trail and watch it). There’s still time for a new video to be released this week just in time for Halloween, but there haven’t been any in the last few years so I’m not holding my breath.

Suck This bite

(Looking for more gay bite gifs, check out these 12 male on male vampire bites

Londoners into vampires and looking to make friends, leave a comment or email me and say hi.


2 thoughts on “Halloween is coming… are you ready?

  1. I always hold out for maybe one vampire-themed porn release around Halloween.

    Based on the cover photo for Men.com’s twitter feed, I’m not going to be disappointed this year! Maybe there’ll be more yet elsewhere 🙂

    1. I take it back, it was a total bust 🙁 It’s too much to ask for fangs and a good fuck apparently lol

      Jaspon Sparks Live has a better offering if you want to check it out. Otherwise, Ridley Dovarez’s Suckers is worth seeing if you didn’t the first time.

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