Halloween Vampires 2015

Finally Jason Sparks live gave us a little vampire treat this Halloween in the form of vampires Jack Hunter and Scott DeMarco seducing Zack Grayson. Despite the description claiming “little does he know that the two of them are Vampires”, it’s pretty clear from the moment Jack & Scott appear on screen that they are vampires.

Zack’s dialogue is a bit odd unfortunately and the action pretty normal, but his hotness makes up for it. Reading the description gives away the ending and (spoiler warning) despite the lack of any photos of Zack with fangs, he does become a vampire in the end. This almost nearly makes up for the poor biting.

Zack gets my vote for being the hottest vampire out of the threesome. Maybe next year he can return in his own video biting and seducing his own victims.

Watch Zack meet vampires Scott and Jack


Something scary has happened on the Jason Sparks Bareback Road Trip … Zack Grayson has discovered an abandoned warehouse and goes exploring when he meets Jack Hunter and Scott DeMarco. Jack and Scott seduce Zack but little does he know that the two of them are Vampires! He becomes the pig in the middle of their spitroast and they cover him with cum – in his ass and all over his face. The cum turns Zack into a Vampire too! Happy Halloween







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