Has Twinklight died?

Vampire Giovanni Lovell ready to bite his victim James Taylor in Twinklight
The last Twinklight video was released on February 24, and it was this missing episode. The previous video, episode 35 starred Tanner Shane and Dylan Chambers was it seems the last in the series. Over a month has lapsed since the missing episode and now nearly two whole months since Tanner bit Dylan, yet I know I’ve been billed for two months without a new video. So I’m now asking dear reader (rather rhetorically), has Twinklight ended?

While I wait for a response from the makers of Twinklight, I feel like lamenting it’s run over the last two and a half years. There have been highs and lows. The original movie was fantastic, the best gay vampire adult film to date, packed with hot vampires, sharp fangs and plenty of biting. A few updates that followed extended the story than sadly declined for a period while the vampires had lost their fangs, but a new batch of vampires emerged in the last year with episode 21, including one of my favourite vampires (though he was rarely on-screen with his fangs), Conner Bradley. The recent addition of Giovanni Lovell has also been a delightful treat who I have enjoyed a lot.

So what has happened to Twinklight? The filmmaker behind Twinklight, Afton Nills, hasn’t tweeted in a while and his website has gone dark. The upcoming previews on GayLifeNetwork don’t show any Twinklight updates coming soon. If there are more videos coming (and yes I still want to see more fanged vampire boys) then that will be great, but what if the end has come? Twinklight had a pretty good run and it would be better to go out now with the latest batch of videos then make any inferior episodes. What do you think?

Of special note, I don’t know the exact date the proper episode 34 was released (the time stamp is missing from the Twinklight.tv site), however I had missed it until today. It features one last appearance by Giovanni Lovell where he bites young James Taylor. (I still need to update the Twinklight episode guide and share with you photos from episode 34).

Update: news from Twinklight HQ is that there are at least two more episodes of Twinklight to come in April and May (#36 & 37). While Episode 34 was available but almost ‘hidden’, it has now vanished from the Twinklight site. I’m hoping it’s returned soon and not re-released as a new update (the video had been viewed and rated hundreds of times); likely the missing date requires the video be re-added. However we still did not receive a March update, and there’s no news beyond the next two videos.

3 thoughts on “Has Twinklight died?

  1. It’s a shame really. I thought the film was good and a couple of the Eps were ok to kinda good – but the Vamp factor quality was VERY erratic and stayed consistantly poor for way too long for them to not listen to the fans.

    Anyway – Twinklight left me “cold” most of the time.

  2. I don’t want to see Twinklight stop but it’s true the quality has been inconsistent. And who else is making gay vampire porn anymore! I blame Twilight for making everyone tired of fangs, but you’d think between Vampire Diaries and True Blood there’s still a lot of interest in vamps.

    All I want are some steamy vampire fang-bangs, like with the original Twinklight or Thirst.

  3. News from Twinklight HQ, more updates are coming next week and more in June. Expect to see new boys and old.

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