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I thought I’d share a few stats and thoughts with you readers. When I started gaymalevampire.com it was A: because gayvampire.com was taken and B: so that there was one place on the internet with all the best details on gay vampires. There was another site but it was no longer being updated and was mostly about gay horror, which includes werewolves. Oh, I guess there is a C: to connect other gays into vampires.

When I’m surfing around the web visiting sites, I don’t very often leave a comment or engage in the site. Only a small percentage of visitors do that. Hundreds of people visit gaymalevampire.com everyday and I’m always wishing I had more time to dig up more news to share. Basically there’s a limited amount of gay vampire things happening for daily posting. I could, and often do, throw the net wide and share general vampire news, especially about tv series’ like Vampire Diaries, Being Human, The Gates and True Blood. Except for Vampire Diaries’ broken promise, there is actually plenty of gay content or reasons for gays to watch those vampire shows. There was a time when I could share news about the gay vampire tv series The Lair, but HereTV has managed not to continue a fourth series even after leaving the third season hanging with that adorable blond vampire returning to claim Sheriff Trout (Colton Ford). Thankfully we still have Brighter in Darkness to give us proper gay vampires on TV.

A few of you post comments or email me directly. I really like this, even if I don’t always have time to respond to every email. And I’m not offended if you don’t share a comment. Actually it’s to be expected. This vampire fetish is probably something you don’t tell everyone in your life about. I certainly don’t. I’m lucky to have a boyfriend who’s also into vampires which makes play time a lot of fun. And yet I have at least one close friend also into vampires who doesn’t have a boyfriend, it’s not so easy for him to find a guy with the same fetish. Sadly he wasn’t able to go all the way to Toronto for the Vampire Love Ball where there were other boys with fangs. But the thought crossed his mind. If you know of any other vampire events, please let me know (I’m good at finding out about these things, but not perfect).

No, for the most part, the vampire fetish is definitely in the minority. I really appreciate those of you who have said hi and shared your interests; I know it’s not easy. A few times I’ve suggested having some kind of social networking or dating feature on this site, but it’s not really worked out. Recon or the various goth dating sites have been no help either. With my limited time, I hope I’m able to give you helpful details on all the latest gay vampire adult films, movie or books. This site was meant to be more an opinionated wikipedia, but I try to keep adding new content when I can.

I complain that every so often that gaymalevampire.com disappears from Google’s search. This is one of the few websites regularly sharing news specifically about gay vampires, but you can search Google and get three year old articles before finding this site. Still, you make it here in the hundreds. And you come from around the world. The top five countries visiting this site are the US, UK, Canada, Germany and Brazil.

I’m surprised by the number of visitors from Brazil. Oi! I’ve only seen two Brazilian gay vampire adult films and nothing else, so if I’ve missed anything, let me know.

Strangely according to Google, I’ve never had visitors from Saudia Arabia, Myanmar (Burma), Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Mongolia or Greenland. Honestly what’s wrong with Greenlanders.

Finally I’d like to say thanks for putting up with all the twinks here. Personally I really like Twinklight, and many of the other recent gay vampire adult films that have also featured twinks or younger guys: Twinkblood, Night of the Gay Vampire, and Bitten. There hasn’t been much diversity in gay vampire porn lately, apart from Breeding Spooks and Suck This from Nextdoor Buddies (which I wouldn’t call twink but those hard muscled guys are still younger). Again, I’m not complaining, but I know Twinklight is not everyone’s taste. I ran a poll last year and your number one request was for more vampire porn. But more books are published than films. I’ll have to start making my own adult films. I was recently chatting over email with a guy who has started a blog about twinks and he wanted advice for his site Watch Twinks. Some of you are intro twinks, some just aren’t, and the diversity is cool.

So to you, welcome. Thanks for visiting.

5 thoughts on “Hey Stranger

  1. Thank you. I have to say once again, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I wish there was a way for all of us to be exposed to one another, because it isn’t easy to tell everyone in your life. But thank you for being able to deliver news that fancies us.

  2. thanks sebastien, your site is cool and i visit all the time to see the latest vampires. they’re all so damn hot and i don’t think i’d find all this stuff so easily. but like you say, i wish i could find a guy into vampires as much as me. stupid twilight and all the twilight haters filling the web with junk about vampires being all gay, which would be cool and all. perosnally I think all vampires are gay… i just need to find me one.

  3. Really good read and I second that you hit the nail on the head on everything, so many issues you addressed are the ones that frustrate me as well. 95% of everything in gay porn seems like it’s been twink (although I think twinklight’s doing a good job)we really need a big studio to take on a vampire movie. Maybe we can all email a particular one like HotHouse or Titan.

    I’m definitely gonna miss The Lair, season 3 was my favorite. I’m sad everything was left hanging, they could’ve atleast done a short 7 episode season 4 to close things off.

    An area on here to connect with each other would be great, maybe it doesn’t have to be dating, but talking to one another would be really cool.

  4. Yeah I agree with Kyle, it would be great if there was a place on the site where we could connect with others. But thanks for making this site it’s great!

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