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Despite the solid acting and high production values, HIS Dracula was disappointing; some of the fault could lie with the original Dracula story, but not all.

Running just over 1 hour and 13 minutes, HIS Dracula features several linking scenes to tell the Dracula story and connect the sex scenes. There are four sex scenes in all: the first a solo scene with Jonathan Harker in Dracula’s castle. Returning to London we discover Jonathan’s love, Matthew (Mina) is visiting Luke (Lucy) who happens to have slept with three guys just that day which leads to the scene between Matthew and Luke. Renfield gets a scene, getting to play in the institute. Finally Matthew is taken in by the count’s powers in the climactical scene.

The first solo with Jonathan Harker was a missed opportunity for a three-some or more, had the Count been given male versions of his vampire brides. In the movie these sirens seduce and feed off Jonathan and this was already a very sexually charged moment so it’s too bad the film makers skipped over it. Only in the final scene do we see biting, which was really minor compared to vampire bites in other films.

Mixed between the main scenes the film makers made good effort to create the other pieces of the story, and these linking scenes were well staged considering they were filler scenes. It does seem a shame that of these extra scenes which include the decline of Luke, his death and the visit to his grave, he is not shown in the end risen as a vampire. In fact pointing out his empty grave was unnecessary without following up to explain. The handpicking of some points in the plot are actually confusing in how they relate to the original storyline. I won’t fault the actors for avoiding any attempt to do English accents, these are hard to do correctly without sounding out of place.

Giving Dracula a gay porn remake seems totally appropriate. The Dracula story was about restrictive Victorian values and repressed sexuality. The story is less about this vampire and more about virtue and social norms, so in a way the film stays true to the book, though vampires could have easily been featured more. HIS Dracula is in the end probably one of the least vampire focused gay vampire porns.

Finally the 3D feature is pretty much a gimmick unless you have a proper 3D television. There’s a slight oddness to the framing of the scenes, wide yet not very deep, and there are few close ups.

While I’ll provide a link to HIS Dracula incase you still wish to purchase it, my recommendation is not to skip it if you want it for its’ vampire content. A good film, the vampire quality was less than expected and I was left disappointed (but I have what must be completely unrealistic expectations that vampire porn should include a bit of vampires). If you disagree, have your say below.

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