How to be a vampire

Note: some information in this article is now out of date, blame Twilight (updated April 2013)

So you want to be a vampire? Well the obvious way to become a vampire would be to find one and ask to be turned. This may be difficult, I know I’ve tried for years.

Another option, give yourself a vampire makeover. The first step is to get yourself some fangs. Contacts can give your eyes the right focus, either vampire red or Wild Fire from Wild Eyes (sadly now discontinued, but other styles exist). If you have perfect vision (I hate you), you have a lot of choices in non-prescription strength contact lens, including Twilight inspired lens. Unfortunately if you need power in your lens in order to see, and let’s face it wearing glasses as a vampire is a hard look to pull off, our choices are limited with only a few styles to go from. Judging from the photos of vampires are parties, whiteout lens seem to be the most popular. Like fangs, how your eyes look when you are a vampire is unique to you.


Clothes are very much about personal style. Black is always in for the vampire. Leather not only looks good, but its damn sexy. You might opt for the more gothic look with an outfit appropriate for the Lestat type of vampire. I can’t claim to be the most fashion forward gay, but it’s worth embracing the stereotype and being experimental with our vampire fashion styles. Current popular styles range from Gothic (historic for revolutionary times or Victorian) and Steampunk. The vampire parties (and Halloween) may require extra effort, but I also encourage being mavericks with our vampire outfits. Are you dressing to get noticed or blend in? It will depend on your personality and the environment.

The Hanky code

Vampire pride flagThere are a number of listings for the appropriate hanky code color for the vampire fetish. The Goth code lists crushed red velvet, not my favorite. A few lists suggest red & black (or red/black stripes) as the hanky code for vampirism. Considering the meaning of red, be careful selecting the correct hanky, and obviously wearing black leather with red stripes might not be clear enough. It’s time for a vampire pride flag, and taking the cue from the hanky-code suggestions, red and black stripes seem appropriate. Now to get them made as flags and patches!


We have a whole article devoted to fangs.

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