Laid by a vampire

Laid by a vampire is the second in this series (the first was Queer of the Damned). There was a story idea with some pretty good amateur twink porn but the special effects could have been better… or even existed (just a few pairs of cheap fangs would have helped).

Two cute twinky vampires created in the first video reappear in the second, and their skills as vampires have improved slightly. Some of the biting action is good, though still lacking the fangs. Some of the boys struggle while being bitten and it’s amazing any blood sucking takes place with them moving around so much; hey vampires are strong and should be able to take control.

Find it online: Laid by a Vampire

Quick facts:
Running time: 75 mins (60 mins real, bloopers and filler for the rest)
Overall rating: 2/5
Guys: 2/5
Vampire quality: 1.5/5
Amount of vampire action: 2/5
Vampire action: fangs, biting, new vampires
Worth the money: barely worth downloading/streaming; don’t buy DVD

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