Latest in gay vampire fiction worth biting into

I discovered a new anthology of gay vampire fiction recently. Released quietly in late November, Blood Sacraments edited by Todd Gregory, features a collection of short stories in which vampires struggle between their lusts for blood and sex. I have a copy on backorder as it seems hard to find here in the UK, but it’s easy to pick up off Amazon if anyone wants to start reading. Grab Blood Sacraments on Todd Gregory previously co-edited the anthology Blood Lust and wrote probably the best story in Midnight Hunger (Blood on the Moon, the story of a cute frat boy who gets bitten at Mardi Gras and becomes a vampire).

Also, I found an interesting little Kindle book worth checking out. Gay Orgy of the Vampires is the story of Josh who brings a group of his friends to a southern planation where they are kidnapped by vampires, tortured and raped. Find it on or

3 thoughts on “Latest in gay vampire fiction worth biting into

    1. I’m still waiting for it… and I need to make a correction about Gay Vampire Orgy, it’s a very short read and needs a disclaimer that the main character is straight (also I’ve read better).

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