Latest Twinklight video adds completely new episode to the story

I nearly forgot that a new video was being released on today. Until now the additional videos have been extended scenes and behind the scene features, but today a new video returns viewers to Twinklight’s roots—the first scene between Edmund (Krys Perez) and the original Billa (played by Preston Andrews who went on to play the boy Egan turned). The episode, “Vampire plays cello to seduce his prey”, was shot before the main scenes, this one episode seems to be the original blueprint for the final scene between Edmund and Billa—the temptation for Edmund seen throughout the film until finally he succumbs to his desires and sleeps with Billa. The scene is rough, but it shows just how much it was improved in the film version, and not by the recasting but by the new setting. Besides I’m glad Preston changed roles and got to become a vampire. Viewers are now being treated to scenes outside the original DVD storyline with these exciting extra episodes.

An interview with Preston talking about giving up the role of Billa will be released on Monday. Tomorrow (Oct 1) another video will be made available—a conversation with Krys and Jayden talking about their upcoming sex scene.

In this mesmerizing extended scene Edmund (Krys Perez) is gently stroking the neck of his cello, wielding powerfully sensual music. His Victim (Preston Andrews) listens in the background, stirred by the erotic pleasure of watching Edmund play. All of the musical fourplay leads to lustful, demanding sex as the two lovers devour each other’s bodies in a night of hot gratification.

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