Masters of Midnight

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The first of two novella collections published by Kensington Books, Midnight Thirsts features four stories.

His Hunger by William J. Mann
Probably my favorite story from this collection, it follows Jeremy Horne on a work assignment to the reclusive Maine estate of eccentric Bartholomew Coates. Jeremy becomes a prisoner to the older vampire, who grows younger with every drop of Jeremy’s blood. It’s a story with a happy ending.

Sting by Michael Thomas Ford
After his lover’s sudden death, librarian Ben Hodges seeks refuge in a sleepy Ozarks town. But his summer of healing turns to intrigue when he encounters soft-spoken beekeeper Titus Durham, a man whose hidden obsession will change Ben’s life forever

Bradon’s bite by Sean Wolfe
Bradon’s bite could be a good story for those struggling with vampirism. Full of erotic scene’s Bradon battles with his vampire nature, ultimately making a decision he was born into. This story is an wonderful read for any vampire devotee; it had potential but I was disappointed in the end.

Devoured by Jeff Mann
Derek Maclaine loses himself in New York’s leather bar underground, trying to forget the brutal murder of his lover in Scotland, centuries ago. But now, danger threatens his new lover, and this time, Derek will have his revenge.

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