New and old un-reviewed books

There are plenty of gay vampire books bursting onto the market as ebooks and through on-demand printing. There are now three books in the Mark Julian Vampire P.I. series and I haven’t had a chance to pick them up, or review them. I’m not going to write these books off yet, but a previous purchase from the publisher Nazca Plains left me disappointed especially given how much I’d paid for the book. So if anyone out there has bought these books and has an option, let us know (like leave a comment).

Mark Julian Vampire P.I.
There are five stories by Kyle Cicero in the series (and Kyle has 19 books listed on Amazon already, including Blood Feverand Blood Fever: The Misadventures of Jeremy, which has the same title but a different description on Amazon).

From Mark Julian Vampire P.I.: The Case of the Heavenly HostMark Julian Vampire P.I

A few other books now available: Vampire’s Portrait Vol. 2, Miami Moon, The vampire with the pink handbag, and Kiss Kill.

One thought on “New and old un-reviewed books

  1. I have bought all of The Mark Julian Vampire Detective books and have given them 5 stars on Amazon. I also bought the Misadventures of Jeremy and gave it 4 stars.

    The Mark Julian series is excellent, smart, well-written. Great plots, terrific characters base on historical evidence and thoroughly entertaining.

    I highly recommend them all!

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