New Interview with the Vampire trailer drops

A new trailer for the upcoming AMC series Interview with the Vampire has been released with less than a month to go before the premiere. One of the longest so far, this new trailer helps set up the story and gives us insights not previously shared.

It begins with Louis telling his tale from 1910 and what his life was like when Lestat appeared and seduced him. Of his transformation, hunting and feeding, and how Claudia came to enjoy the couple.

Louis is a business man, dealing in desire, and already living a nocturnal life natural to New Orleans. Lestat offers to swap Louis’ life for a dark gift, an admission into his vampire nature. An extra line is added to one speech Louis was making in the previous trailer. Not only was Lestat is lover, maker and mentor, he was his murdered. When Claudia is introduced, Louis is taking of saving another life, suggesting he is the one to turn her.

While the first episode is due to premiere October 2 on AMC, apparently the first two episodes will be available to stream that night on AMC+ which will be a nice gift… except it might mean waiting 2 weeks until the third episode drops.

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