New Twinklight episode live today

UPDATE: the trailer is no longer available. While the new episode was scheduled for release on April 5 and was briefly available at, it has now vanished just in time for the long weekend. We are expecting 2 videos this month, if they keep to schedule.

It’s finally happened, a new episode of Twinklight is going to be available at neatly on time. I had word to expect it today (April 5) and the trailer is already available. We should expect the episode to go live later today.

I like to here you say it
After a rather one-sided meal, Levi (Mark Winters) finally asks Dario (Wily Ryden) back to his place. The two boys make out as they find their way to bed and Levi is the first to lose his clothes. They take turns sucking each other’s dicks before Dario sinks his cock into Levi’s ass. He fucks the slender mortal first from behind and then it missionary. After they’ve both cum, Dario sinks something else into Levi… his fangs.

To see the new Twinklight, visit

7 thoughts on “New Twinklight episode live today

  1. I’m a member and I do not see a trailer or new episode. It is 4/6 about 11:15Am EST at this writing. Still being disappointed by Twinklight and wondering what am I paying membership $$ for.

    1. Well the trailer was live on the public site yesterday morning… honest, I watched it. But when I signed in, now trailer or episode. And I was emailed with April 5 as the release date for this video. Time for some complaints (to GayLifeNetwork).

  2. Unbelievable, just received an email inviting me to come back to Twinklight with a 40% off deal. BUT there’s no new content, so why would I?

  3. Are you a paid advertiser or do you earn a commission each time someone clicks on your site and re-directs you to theirs? It was less annoying when there was new stuff to report on, but when blogs just say ‘Nothing new is going on” or ‘Hope they have stuff soon’ or have them string you along waiting for something new so you can string us along, it makes me lose my Vampire hard on…

    Please mates, you have this amazing website with a lot of good stuff going on but concentrating half your effort on this one sect of porn is making you overlook some other HOT Gay Vampire content out there.

    Side note: If anyone on this site enjoys some of this in-person/in the flesh, has a set of vampire fangs, natural fangs or heck even if you have a vampire like need to SUCK… email/contact me! vV—-Vv -GoodEvening

    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s true I am very obsessed with Twinklight, and not for financial reasons. I love vampires, and I also like twinks. I also like Suck This by Nextdoor Studios (not twinks) and there are a few scenes in Thirst that were good, even without the fangs (and also not with twinks). Twinklight in my opinion is the best produced and acted gay vampire porn. I’ll add a poll to put that to a vote.

      I also feel very embarrassed that GayLife Network informed me that a new episode of Twinklight would be released on April 5, and in the early hours this trailer did in fact show up. I had let my membership lapse, which I have previous told readers to do, so I needed to subscribe again, only to find no new episode. Now the trailer is gone. I don’t feel I’m reporting ‘nothing new is going on’, but you raise a very valid point; if I hadn’t be told a new episode would be available I too would feel I was posting for no reason.

      Have a look around the internet, there are several websites devoted to Twinklight just for a fast buck and they give very little content in return. I make an effort to give my honest opinion on the quality of some books and adult films, and there are many I don’t recommend because they are a waste of money. True I’d love to have more time to focus on the hundreds of gay vampire books in the Kindle store, simply to tell you which are so terrible they should be avoided, however I’ve asked readers what they want me to cover and the answer is always gay vampire porn… which few people are making. I would love to focus on any other vampire porn if it existed… and I always welcome feedback if I have missed some, especially in other languages (I’ve still never seen any gay vampire porn from Europe or Asia… clearly it’s not enough of a fetish for the French or Germans). There are currently 329 articles on Gay Male Vampire, and only 30 that mention Twinklight, so yes 10% is big for one porn series, however it’s currently the only *ongoing* gay vampire porn series. When The Lair was going, I was just as obsessed!

      I do appreciate all the support readers have given the site over the years. Everyone’s time and money is precious and I know I don’t like to throw money away when I don’t have to. Over the years I’ve paid to watch all the porn reviewed on this site, several were just not worth it. When I do recommend a video or book at Amazon, I do get a commission which pays for this site to be hosted. Like most sites I also display ads for the same reason (and I’ve even been banned from Google ads because of the content). I’ve told this to readers before and it’s on the about page. Wikipedia asks for donations, I just ask people do what they normally would. I don’t promote Twinklight to make a fast buck, I share Twinklight news because vampires get me off, but naked girls with fangs do not (ewww).

      Thank you again for your words, and please know that I’m listening. And I am sorry for the fang-baiting.

  4. Good morning 🙂 Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I still need to read your other post, but it is evident that you put effort and care into this site as well as I can tell your content is fresh. You seem like you have a fascination with Gay Vampires that rivals mine and I have to say I’m very happy about that! Trust me, I love Gay Vampires AND twinks and I take a little bit of all the content to mix it together to make my own Vampire ideals.

    You did mention that there are tons of sites out there dedicated to making money off of that site, and you are right. 9/10 searches end up trying to re-direct us to that site. I always suspected that was more the company setting up advert. websites and pages just to increase their visibility. It is evident that this is NOT a site like that but I digress.

    The vein in my pants throbs for this site as it does expose my fangs to some very nice content..

    Now Sebastian, I ask. Are you more suited as a Vampire or the Guy who we Suck? vV—-Vv Good Evening

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