Conner Bradley and Josh Bensan in Twinklight

New Twinklight scenes coming soon

Conner Bradley and Josh Bensan in Twinklight

Wonderful news for Twinklight fans, the continuing gay vampire series is returning soon with new videos and all new twinks. Just today Twinklight director Afton Nills has updated his blog with the good news. I can confirm that the final scenes were edited and sent last week to the website and are expected online very shortly.

Afton has given further details about one scene in particular, a scene between Conner Bradley and Josh Bensan and how the chemistry between them was natural.

The scene was shot late at night, and went well into the early morning hours, which really sucked for Josh since he was supposed to be on a train later that morning for another shoot. These two worked really hard on this scene, so I hope everyone will come to appreciate their performances.

In this scene, Josh and Conner are best of friends. Josh notices that Conner isn’t himself and causes concern. The scene makes a turn for the better and the two move on to hot fun together. One of the great parts of this scene is when Josh makes dinner of Conner’s beautifully crafted ass. Conner quickly learned with a prior scene that having his ass eaten was just dreamy.

Anticipation is running high for these new episodes. The boys are cute, especially Conner Bradley. Now previously I’ve speculated about how the scenes unfold from the little evidence provided. Why stop now. There are scenes in the interview with Conner examining bite marks on his neck and him describing how his character struggles with becoming a vampire. Now the latest photo shows Conner and Josh together and there are the bite marks on Conner. And from what Afton has said, ‘Josh notices that Conner isn’t himself…’ so what could it be that makes Conner not himself? I think I know. However I don’t think this will be the first scene, not unless we should expect some flashbacks to discover how Conner became a vampire. Sure this might all be completely wrong, but actually fantasizing about these vampires is half the fun.

The best thing about Afton’s movies are the well thought out story lines. There’s the hot sex and equally hot twinks, but also the exciting story of these vampire enjoying themselves.

More scenes will roll out in the future and I expect good things judging from the high quality scenes I’ve seen before. I’ll be keeping track of the site and jump the moment the new videos go live and an update will be posted immediately and via the twitter account (so make sure you’re following us). In the meantime, make sure you are completely caught up at

2 thoughts on “New Twinklight scenes coming soon

  1. This Ep. has been posted to the new Twinklite interface. They have moved TL to the GLN website, in order to re-brand it I suppose. This new entry is… not much better than previous ones. The sex is mundane. The feed is OK but you can actually here Afton giving directions to Connor Bradly… full voice, not even in a whisper (which could have been spooky-ish) but a real negative production value impact. And whose DORM ROOM are they shooting these things in now? Looks like they have all of 3 square feet of space and the decor does not change ep. to ep. it seems.

    I know I have become a real TL basher, but the movie had a lot of promise. There were some real Gothic, phantasm, erotica happening with the hard core porn-ism of it all.. This was also true of some of the earlier additional shorts – like the first 2 or 3… and then boom goes the crap bomb.

    I realize that budget considerations always have an impact, but it just means you have to be a little ingenius and use imagination and not just pump out something to … pump it out. If TL is not bringing in the $$, then don’t waste $$ on it. Better to retire the thing than be a disappointment.

    That’s my 2 cents and worth every penny I’m sure.


  2. Addendum: Per my last “crack” about TL and the dorm room setting, as I look back here at the recent eps. I think that the setting MAY actually be in line with them re-branding TL as a GLN product. These set ups are cookie cutter backgrounds that match the look and feel of the other boring GLN films with the lolly pop, twink, school room, boys on boys tripe that GLN has put out since the year one with no real variation or imagination…. Perhaps Afton was made to do this in order to fold TL into GLN… But I am just guessing.

    Regardless, they should stop this immediately and go back to the dark, atmospheric look and feel they established with the original movie. It would lend consistency to the on-going TL saga as well as give GLN something more original to look at than their STOCK footage they pass off as “different” films.

    2 more cents.

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