Not a natural update

It’s been a busy week, but not for gay vampires. However I do have a few updates to share. First, episode 7 of Brighter in Darkness is now online, so check it out. Only one episode remains in this first season.

Unnatural by Michael Griffo is now shipping. I finally received my copy from Amazon though if I had known about the extra week delay I would have bought it for Kindle or from the Apple iBookstore. Get Unnatural in print from or Start reading right away digitally from the iBookstore, or from or So far I am quite pleased with the story and I am currently engrossed in finishing it. Initially I have found the writing poetic, descriptive and well-crafted. Griffo switches between characters from one sentence to another which could be confusing, but it gives the reader insight into what each character really wants to say. Some stories, maybe like real life, could progress more quickly if all the characters just said what they really felt, but such tension keeps the story alive.

Finally, Kain Lanning posted a comment on the latest Twinklight video saying we should expect more to come. If that was from the real Kain, then that’s great news, and since I haven’t heard from the filmmakers, it’s the only Twinklight news I’ve gotten lately. Let’s hope more updates come soon! The website promises two updates a month and they have almost been keeping that promise… but the average is more like one per month.

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