Queer of the Damned

Here’s a gay vampire film that basically turns into an orgy. Like its sequel, Laid by a Vampire, Queer of the Damned has a good story idea but fails on execution. One vampire quickly turns an entire camp of gay boys into vampires. Some of the boys were able get good bites in, but some just seemed to chase their victim before they were suddenly having sex. I like the idea of biting the victim before sex, but here’s where fangs and some better camera work would have helped.

Watch it online but it’s barely worth the price: Queer of the Damned

Quick facts:
Running time: 75 mins
Overall rating: 1/5
Guys: 2/5
Vampire quality: 1.5/5
Amount of vampire action: 3/5
Vampire action: fangs, biting, new vampires
Worth the money: barely worth downloading/streaming; don’t buy DVD

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