Salem’s Lot remake postponed again

In yet another savage cut from the new Warner Brothers Discovery, the new remake of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot has been postponed indefinitely (as in removed from the schedule with no set release date). Originally planned for a September 9 cinema release, the film was pushed back until April 2023 earlier this summer, but with the latest schedule release from WBD, no release is planned.

Starring Lewis Pullman as Ben Mears, Salem’s Lot returns to the original books roots and sets the story back in 1975. Mears returns to his hometown of Jerusalem’s Lot in search of inspiration for his next book. There he discovers the town is being preyed upon by a bloodthirsty vampire and his loyal servant.

Warner Brothers has previously seen good box office results with Stephen King films premiering around the September long weekend, but this year seemed to be too much of a gamble for the studio struggling with debt due to the recent Discovery takeover.

There will be little else in cinemas, horror or otherwise, until October when Halloween Ends drops.

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