Second Twinklight DVD coming in time for Halloween

Twinklight: Vampires Diary will be released next week just in time for Halloween. The DVD contains five of the additional episodes that have popped up on the site in the last year including the scene where Jayden Ellis attacked Kain Lanning in the woods, the flashback to Brice Carson and Krys Perez meeting, the two alley scenes featuring the threesome of Jonathan Cole, Tyler Bolt and Alex Todd, and when Jason Alcok meets vampire with a bad east-London accent Jae Landen, as well as Elijah White’s scene where Kain Lanning is in a cage and he seduces Kyle Richerds. subscribers will have seen these scenes before, and more. So this is a DVD for anyone wanting to have those gay vampire filled scenes to keep, and maybe to help Twinklight go more ‘mainstream’, after all if guys discover Twinklight and subscribe then there might be more episodes. While the DVD description also lists actor interviews and behind the scenes footage, there is no indication if any of the scenes are extended or re-edited from their original online versions. Twinklight: Vampires Diaries is a good companion to the original DVD, though it’s missing a few other scenes, specifically the additional Kain Lanning as a vampire scenes. Possibly another collection is in the works. You can pick up the DVD from the GayLife Network store.

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