Silence from the coffin

Note: usual random rant and hello

We seem to be hitting a lull in gay vampire activity again. Not quite a drought yet. For the lucky few close to Toronto, later in June the monthly Sodom event is Vampire Pride. Aside from the Sodom events I’ve heard of no other gay vampire parties. I’d blame myself but I’m not a party promoter.

Twinklight hasn’t had an update in over a month (despite the text on the website reading that updates would happen every 2 weeks). And there hasn’t been any other gay vampire porn made lately to fill the gap. While we wait for the next season of Brighter in Darkness, and with no other shows or movies on the horizon, maybe there’s the odd book you can pick up. I’m behind on writing my book reviews and even listing all the books now available. A few I’d take a miss on, but there are plenty of gay vampires for the Kindle at and at This week’s disappointment was ‘My dad’s is a vampire’, but I’d also avoid ‘Vampire Boy’s club’, ‘Gay orgy of the vampires’, and ‘Vampire boy slave’, just to name a few. (And more hits and misses to come soon). At least Late Night Boyfriends, Blood Sacraments, and Unnatural are available.

So what do you want out of this site? I started this website to review everything gay vampire, and help others avoid wasting their money on really bad products. But this has also become a news site, which would be great if I could keep up with the news or even find enough to write about. How far do I venture away from the gay in gay vampire?

I would like to return to my roots and tidy up the site to focus on making more of a gay vampire database (GVDB). And at the same time I’d much rather create more of a social network mostly because I doubt this is a group many of you would join on facebook (also I don’t like facebook). There are a couple of options, but each would take a bit of time, if you guys wanted that.

Seriously, I do want to know what you guys want. What website is missing from the gay vampire world (aside from more porn)? Comment or email me sebastien (at) and tell me what you think.

Speaking of venturing away from gay vampires

Sunday will see the premiere of the new Teen Wolf series. It’s filled with a number of hotties and even one gay character and the return of Colton Haynes from The Gates (the same gay Colton) but he’s not a werewolf this time. Tyler Posey plays the werewolf and I might try the show out but it’s about werewolves, and I like vampires. Meanwhile the second season of The Vampire Diaries has run its’ course without introducing a gay character. I’m still betting it will be Carolyn’s father, but I’m holding out hope that some cute gay vampire will move to town and not get staked.

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