Small screen gay vampires of 2014

The Vampire Diaries grabbed a lot of headlines recently when the show announced a gay character would finally be added to the cast, and even though we have a long wait for his premiere I’m not expecting much from Luke.

The episode is not expected until late March near the end of the show’s fifth season and we know very little of the ‘hot’ college gay student named Luke other than the hint that he will befriend Caroline and that he has a secret. There’s no evidence that he’ll be a vampire or will become one, but there’s always hope (though also while a few characters have been changed in the show’s history, only the main character vampires have been allowed to live).

Over on the spin-off series The Originals, the producers added a gay vampire very early on. Josh is “a gay club kid who died and came back as a vampire”, as he put it. But he’s not been given much chance to feed and was even interrupted in one scene when he was about to feed. A minion of Klaus, Josh doesn’t have a day ring and spends most of his time running errands for Klaus or Marcel instead of making the most of his new life in New Orleans, including hooking up or dating. Then again, The Originals has now descended into a battle with witches that’s taking the focus away from the vampires.

Back on The Vampire Diaries, to be honest, I’ve just not been watching it. The slow love-triangle storyline is focused on the ancient evil and the Salvatore Brothers’ pasts which has gotten a bit trying.

Being Human US has returned to screens with the vampire-witch-ghost roommates moving on from last season’s dramas. Aidan will struggle with the blood lust and be tempted to be a proper vampire, much as he’s been tested in earlier seasons. There have been no news or even rumors of a gay character joining the mix, especially not a gay vampire.

Teen Wolf began the second half of its’ third season in January after being on a break most of the fall. Will there ever be vampires on the show that actually has had gays, including a gay werewolf? Unlikely.

According to show creator Jeff Davis, “I can conclusively say there will be no vampires on the show this season.” And he went on to add in an interview, “and usually my typical line is that there will never be vampires on the show Teen Wolf, but ask me that in five years when we’ve run out of ideas.” So I’m not going to hold my breath. Shame, as I’ve said in the past, many vampire shows have been ruined with wolves, the only fair payback would be to improve Teen Wolf with a vampire.

Finally Dracula’s first season ran its’ course and at the moment there is no news of a second season renewal, and possibly it’s not going to come. The gay characters were killed off early in the series, but as the show needed to stick to some Victorian-era values, it was unlikely gay vampires were going to be bursting out of coffins all over London. (Shame because I’d really like to meet some more gay vampires around London).

Our hopes of a gay vampire getting not only some decent screen time but just getting it on, all rest with Josh on the Originals. So unless he finds himself visiting Whitmore College and the Vampire Diaries crew, meeting the mysterious Luke, falling in love and turning him, I don’t imagine much action for him.

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