Suck This

Just in time for Halloween, Nextdoorstudios has released a special one-scene video featuring some hot vampire action. Starring Samuel O’Toole and Marcus Mojo, in Suck This, your perfect Halloween gay vampire adult film.

The summary from the studio is wild… and we can provide a more honest description. In fact this summary is a story… and worth reading to get into the fantasy. If you’re a Nextdoor member, you can also checkout the photo shot which was done in a different location.


Marcus Mojo was a strapping young lad. He enjoyed riding his motorcycle, feeling the wind rush through his flaxen locks. In fact he exuded such sexuality on his bike that a dark stranger had taken notice. Samuel O’Toole was a centuries old vampire who craved the flesh of the living and had made a habit of praying upon hunky young gentlemen who travelled across the countryside alone. Samuel required only one thing, in frequent doses, to keep him from eternal damnation…fresh hot cum from robust young men.

On a drizzly evening in fall, Samuel followed Marcus home after seeing him cruising through the valley on his motorcycle. Samuel kept a good distance in order to remain undetected. While Marcus was busy fixing a loose sprocket on his bike, Samuel glided into the garage with a hard cock and a soul-searing desire. After the first taste of Samuel’s monster erection, Marcus knew there was no going back; he had become one himself. And a hard ass pounding was what he craved.

Suck This is one of the best single-scene gay vampire porn videos around, and if you prefer hunks over twinks, you’ll like Suck This over the Twinklight scenes. It had great fangs, biting and a perfect surprise part way through!

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