The best vampires from Twinklight

You might not have noticed but I removed the poll for the best gay vampire from Twinklight. The results show that Edmund (played by Krys Perez) was the clear winner, and he is after all one of the stars of Twinklight. Edmund received 95 votes with Egan (played by Jayden Ellis) coming in second with 42 votes and Aidan Chase in third with a close 40 votes. Bailey, JT Wreck, scored third with 29 votes. I am terrible though, I completely left off victim 1 (original cast member for the role of Billa played by Preston Andrews), and I must admit that this over sight should render the whole process void. But I won’t. What I will rant on about are my favorites vampires from Twinklight.

True, Krys Perez did an awesome, well acted and sexy performance as Edmund, but my personal favorite vampires were in order Egan, Bailey and Victim 1 (because his turning was hot). Jayden Ellis’ performance was outstanding and he’s damn hot as a vampire. So Egan is my number one. He should be your’s too, I mean, check him out.

Next up, Bailey. Sure he’s a bit camp but he made a sexy vamp. His character deserved a little more screen time as a vampire after turning and feeding, and maybe a bit more interaction with his buddy Billa. Maybe in the sequel? JT Wreck is quite a tall and lean twink and I was happy to see him become a vampire.

Finally Preston Andrews. He was recast because he made a better vampire, and it shows from the tiny amount of footage where he’s been turned. The scene where he is bitten by Egan and wakes a vampire was one of the best and hottest for me. I did find it odd that he begged to be turned then fought back against Egan once the biting began; it almost ruined the moment but his awakening saved the scene.

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  1. You’re totally right! Jayden Ellis was the hottest vampire of the bunch… he can bite me anytime. Hope he’s in the sequel.

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