The Bite 2

The Bite 2
The Bite 2 was the second gay vampire porn I even saw and it has stayed in my top five partly for that reason. There are three great biting scenes: two at the beginning and the third half way through. The vampires in The Bite 2 were quite good; better than the majority of films. The story line gets a little silly and I could have done without the vampires being killed off.

I originally picked up a VHS tape of the Bite sequel… and needed to buy a VCR to play it. The quality was low, but many of the scenes are hot with gory endings.

Quick facts:
Running time: 70-90 mins
Overall rating: 3/5
Guys: 2.5/5
Vampire quality: 3.5/5
Amount of vampire action: 2.5/5
Vampire action: fangs, biting
Worth the money: worth streaming or buy the DVD

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