The holiday season with vampires

Well now that Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 has hit screens, we are only one instalment away from the saga’s conclusion, then maybe the mainstream can move on and we can get back to enjoying vampires. What is there to look forward to in the next few months? Not much. But maybe now in this busy time of the year we don’t have vampires on the mind. Or do we…

Read through our recent news and you will find several movies currently making the festival rounds such as Vamperifica, Bite Marks (now out on DVD) and the Brighter in Darkness movie series. Someday we’ll also get some new Twinklight episodes including a new storyline. As the nights grow longer, I think this is the best time of the year for vampires, especially the dark days of January when the holiday lights are gone. Films such as Frostbite and 28 Days of Night use endless nights for their storylines, for the sunlight-phobic vampires.

Holiday shopping for the gay vampire lover

Since this weekend is a big shopping holiday, let’s go over the latest sales if you want to pick up any gifts or stock up on the latest vampire books and movies for less. TLA is having a sale until Monday, November 28, worth checking out. Fleshjack is having a big sale, 25% off site-wide, in case you want the vampire themed Count Cockula (visit them before it ends Monday). They also make great gifts. Gaymalevampire is kindly hosted by the folks at Hot Gay Deals so I like to send them visitors as a thank you; check them out for all the sales this shopping weekend.

One thought on “The holiday season with vampires

  1. I sent a complaint through the support feature on Twinklight regarding teh lack of promised, regular updates… this is what I got. Sounds like there is finally more to come, but we’ll see:
    We just finished a big production run for Twinklight and we expect to resume
    regular updates very soon. We understand that missed updates are
    frustrating, and to alleviate the problem we give free access to
    Gaylifenetwork, which is updated multiple times per week. While it’s not
    Vampire content, we hope our members still enjoy it.

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