The vampire king is coming out in Vamperifica

I am quite excited about a new film making the festival rounds, Vamperifica. The story is centered around Carmen (played by Martin Yurkovic), a flamboyant college kid who discovers that the soul of a vampire king resides within him. His followers have found him after several hundred years and fulfilled his dying wish, to be reborn. Now Carmen is a vampire who is not only struggling between his friends and his destiny, but who is also taking to his new life with all he’s got.

While the movie’s brief description and trailer don’t confirm Carmen’s sexuality, one review refers to him as a ‘gay college drama student’. In one clip in the trailer, Carmen and Tracey (Dreama Walker) are in his bedroom and Tracey is attempting to seduce him, but he doesn’t look interested. Even though Carmen comes off a little camp at the beginning of the trailer, Vamperifica does get down and dark while Carmen embraces his new vampiric state with true bloodlust, especially getting even with his bullies. And judging from the trailer, the vampires of Vamperifica don’t lack fangs.

Watch the trailer:

It premiered at the Screamfest film festival earlier this week and will be hitting the screen next at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (Oct 21 and again on Halloween night). Other screening details are not yet available, but Vamperifica is only just now making the festival circuit. Share in the comments if you hear that Vamperifica is coming to your city.

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  1. YES! He looks hot. I have such a soft spot for a vamp with a shaved head, and him being gay in it will make it all the better 🙂

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