Two street hustlers, Andy Kirra and Antonio Madeira are hired by leather-clad chauffeur Nino Bacci and taken back to the institution where an evil and vampire await. Little do these sweet little hookers know, they are about to descend into the depths of sexual hell.

Rod Barry stars twice in this vampire and psycho-killer film — he plays a vampire and his twin brother the evil doctor. The film starts with our two hustlers being picked up in a hearse and brought back to the Doctor’s house, but not before having sex in the hearse. There are several sex scenes but the best took place after one of the hustlers was bitten by vampire Rod. A shirtless grave-digger takes a break for some sex with the chauffeur when the bitten hustler emerges from the coffin unseen by the grave-digger. He joins in the later takes the hunk back to his coffin for a snack. Only vampire Rod appears with fangs which was a slight disappointment because the hustler made a better vamp.

Quick facts:
Running time: 75 mins
Overall rating: 3.5/5
Guys: 3/5
Vampire quality: 3/5
Amount of vampire action: 3/5
Vampire action: fangs, biting, new vampire
Worth the money: worth downloading/streaming

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