While I watched Twinkblood a few weeks ago, I’ve finally gotten my thoughts together to review it. Put simply, Twinkblood is definitely the best gay vampire adult film to date. All previous posts and my interview with Chase should have left no doubt, but if you were waiting for me to rate this movie before grabbing a copy, then your wait is over.

I am a huge fan of plots in adult films, though to be honest it’s hard to get through a film without getting distracted by the sex and well, reaching a climax before the plots own climax. The sex scenes in Twinkblood are hot, playful and beautifully shot. The plot is simple enough and moves along between sex scenes without much exposition. Miles is the focus of the story, however Chase manages to be in all but one sex scene. The production was well-done and the boys deliver great sex scenes. Unlike previous gay vampire films, Twinkblood delivers a satisfying ending without the need to have the vampires be killed or find redemption.

So now for a vague scene by scene review; total plot spoiler alert.

At the beginning we meet Miles who foreshadows his own death. He’s moved to Arizona for college and is sharing a place with Felix, who apparently has a girlfriend. If you read my interview with Chase you know that he plays a vampire king who turns straight boys into gay vampires. Chase helps one drunk straight boy back to his place with the promise of girls, only when they arrive there are no girls. One look into the boy’s eyes and Chase has turned the straight boy gay who throws himself at Chase.

The first sex scene is hot and the straight boy has thrown himself completely into his first gay experience. And he appeared to be enjoying it. Chase seems less interested in the sex, but instead he looks hungry. When Chase receives a shot to the face, his enjoyment piques and he eagerly accepts the cum. Both satisfied, Chase bites the straight boy and leaves.

What follows is the only scene without Chase because Miles goes solo to release a bit of energy that seems to be keeping him awake. When he finishes and pulls the covers over his sticky body, Felix and his girl friend can be heard going at it in the next room. This leads to a conversation the next morning between Miles and Felix. Once Felix is alone, Chase appears having snuck into the condo, hiding unseen by Felix until he jumps him.

It’s hard to tell from the limited plot why Chase has chosen Felix, but he seems less of a meal for the vampire king. There’s strong chemistry between Felix and Chase, and though Felix had a girlfriend and was possibly straight until he met Chase, it seems less like he’s under the vampire’s spell and more that he’s enjoying himself. At one point Felix is bent over on the couch with Chase fucking him from behind, it’s clear from their panting expressions that each is enjoying the fuck. The sex is passionate, raw and yet tender. When they kiss there is a smile across their faces (the biggest on Felix’s). Then after the climax, we get a very brief glimpse of Chase’s fangs before he bites Felix, who’s powerless to fight off the stronger vampire.

Miles returns to the condo to find Felix packing, his neck bloody and bitten. He wants to help, but Felix transforms. Miles runs, finding helpful assistance at a store where a stranger who seems to know Miles offers an explanation of all the vampire activity. Andy reassures Miles that Felix will have no interested in Miles, but he’s soon proved wrong when a fang baring and shirtless Felix arrives. Miles and Andy run, but are soon surrounded by Chase and his vampires. Andy is attacked and fed upon as Miles watches helplessly before he’s knocked out and dragged back to Chase’s lair.

In the final scene, Miles awakes to find Andy turned and himself chained up. Before Andy can get to him, Chase arrives with Felix on a leash. Chase explains to Miles that he will be transformed and Felix will be the one to do it because he exposed their world to Miles. The other vampires appear, the straight boy Chase turned earlier, and another vampire. Along with Felix the boys have a foursome while Chase sits and watches the scene. Eventually Chase joins the group of vampires who climax together all over Miles just before Felix bites his neck. Moments later Miles awakes, now a vampire.

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