Twinklight 36 Tanner and Jason preview

I can’t wait until Monday. The next Twinklight video will be released then. Starring new comer to Twinklight Tanner Kinsington and regular Jason Alcok (who must really like being bitten). Tanner is normally along side his real life boyfriend (if that’s to be believed) Evan Lee, and we’ll see that pair together next month. But in this episode Tanner has fallen for Jason as he reminds him of one of his hottest boys. Jason immediately falls for the vampire, sucking the vampire off before offering himself to Tanner. The preview suggests there will be biting. See the pictures…

I’ll be honest, I was looking forward to Evan in the next video but now that I see Tanner as the vampire, I am excited for the next two episodes; Tanner so far makes for one hot vampire.






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