Twinklight 37 coming soon starring Tanner and Evan

This Friday the next instalment of Twinklight will be released, episode 37 featuring real-life couple Tanner Kinsington and Evan Lee in their second video. In the last episode we met both twinks, but mostly watched vampire Tanner seduce fang-banger Jason Alcok. Catch up at

Episode 36 followed Tanner telling Evan about his time with Jason, now they return together but there’s no telling if this happened before or after the flashback. We know Tanner is a vampire, and can see it in the preview photos, but what about Evan, is he also a vampire or will he soon become one… we’ll soon find out.

On another note, episode 34 with Giovanni Lovell and James Taylor hasn’t resurfaced on and I’m not aware of any future episodes coming to Twinklight.

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