Twinklight episode: a chance encounter

After over two-months waiting, a new episode of Twinklight has been released. I’m over a week late sharing this news, but I think I can be excused because I have only been checking the regular Twinklight site everyday which had not been update, unlike the members only part of the site where the video was available.

In “A Chance Encounter Turns Hot and Wet” vampire Kain returns to meet up with Jonathan (previously seen as Vampire 4 in the bus stop bench threesome episode). Kain is hanging around outside smoking away, his fangs visible, until Jonathan comes along and asks for a cigarette. They chat for a bit then Kain invites himself over and the two are immediately making out in the shower. Soon their down, but still in the bathroom where they switch off pounding each other. Briefly we can see Kain’s fangs still exposed and it’s possible they were out the whole time. But after they’re done, there’s no biting. It just ends. The sex is standard, nothing special and the ending lacking, however I was very pleased to see Kain with proper fangs this time, even if he didn’t bite. I’d say it was better than his previous encounter. But, same no biting.

Twinklight has really lost a lot of its’ magic and that’s a shame. I’m still eager to follow the story, and I know there’s one in Afton’s head, but it’s jumping all over the place. Either this is a different role for Jonathan or this episode is another flashback to before the bus stop scene where Jonathan is a vampire (although one without fangs). Not only would it be nice to know what’s going on, it would be great if we got more of the holes in the story filled and saw some of the regular characters. I suspect too much time has lapsed and many of the actors are no longer involved. The earlier momentum has been lost, and only by actually releasing the videos every 2-weeks as promised, might we get back to the magic.

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One thought on “Twinklight episode: a chance encounter

  1. I wrote a rather harsh review of this segment on another page of this site. I also sent that review through the support interface of the TL site. In turn I got a personal e-mail from Afton Nils (thanks Afton) explaining that he plans to take the TL series/updates/sequels in some new directions. I felt a little bad about my acid pen reviews as he was quite nice in his e-mail to me, but I do not apologize for what I said. Reviews are as reviews read and since TL is the first porn to really get close to the gothic turn on that vamps can be for gay fang fans, I want it to … well… turn me on. For me (and that’s an important distinction – for ME) common garden variety sex between twinks where 1 has fangs, is not much of a vamp turn on. The seduction, the compelling suspense and then “taking” of the prey is the turn on. As Afton pointed out in his email to me, not all fang fans like blood and in this I will agree. I think the film and the updates that go there slobber way too much blood around on the boys – would vamps waste that much of their dinner I ask? My feeling is; hot fang seduction and a little blood for the illusion is great. For this update I already expressed my disappointment and I hope TL will prove profitable enough for a real sequel.

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