Kyle Richerds, Elijah White and Kain Lanning in Twinklight

Twinklight finally updated with new episode

Kyle Richerds, Elijah White and Kain Lanning in Twinklight

Vampires Contemplate Eternal Life:
“This is one of our bloodiest scenes as of yet. All three men involved – Kyle Richerds, Elijah White, and Kain Lanning – are vampires by the end of it. They feed off each other with blood an with sexual pleasure. After a feeding frenzy they screw like animals with blood still dripping from their faces.”

I can’t help thinking this update should have come weeks ago. Twinklight episodes are meant to be posted every 2 weeks, and January saw two new updates. I had hoped a new episode close to Valentine’s day, not a week and a half later. But thankfully an update! And better still, after the last two odd episodes, here’s one where the vampires have fangs.

Starring two newcomers (Elijah White and Kyle Richerds) and Kain Lanning, the boy Egan chased through a forest before seducing and I thought turned “to build his army”. The description doesn’t seem accurate, there’s no proof that either Kyle or Kain become vampires. Maybe a portion of the video was cut off. And I was confused to see Kain return and not as a vampire. The sex is good, though nearly all the vampire activity is gone after the initial feeding.

The story opens with Elijah, berating Kyle for letting other vampires feed of him. Seems Elijah is a special vampire who can resist sunlight (like Edmund and Egan) and yet he could lose this gift if he tasted another vampire’s venom. This is the first time in the Twinklight series that aversion to sunlight has been mentioned and it’s easy to assume that before all vampires were daywalkers given scenes showing Edmund and Egan in broad daylight. Elijah then feeds off his slave Kain, who’s kept in a cage. Kyle is then allowed to drink Kain’s blood. Kyle, while still Elijah’s slave, is the one to top in this scene, but the vampire seems completely in control. The additional photos tell more to the story, so check them out after the video. In sequence the story unfolds and after the sex, Elijah’s fangs have returned, ready to bite Kyle.

Kyle Richerds, Elijah White and Kain Lanning in Twinklight
Kyle Richerds, Elijah White and Kain Lanning in Twinklight

4 thoughts on “Twinklight finally updated with new episode

  1. The producers of TL seem to either be teasing us OR squeemish about a sex+feed combination. They had rare close calls wtih most of the Vamp feeds happening in sexual aftermath. This was boring to hot-ish in the main film (really only 2 of the scenes were note-worthy sexual vampire moments.) They got close with the additional short film of Krys Perez and Brice Carson, but overall the short takes have been sexaully “ok” and vamp “snore”

    But they are also the only porn producers currently catering to this niche so… we take what we can get I suppose.


  2. Hey it’s Kain Lanning here and after reading the viewers’ confusion about the story line I thought I should drop in to tell everyone that the story will only continue to unfold. The Twinklight Saga takes many twists and turns as we have scenes that take place in the present as well those that look into the past. You will see what has happened to my character soon so keep watching and we hope not to disappoint!

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