Twinklight Halloween update disappointing

As promised, an new episode starring Kain Lanning and Ryan Sharp has appeared at just in time for Halloween, but it is by far one of the worst updates in the series. I have been very kind over the past year as the Twinklight episodes have slid downhill and not been released with any regularity, however after waiting over five weeks this is one update lacking any vampire content. I can excuse the vampires biting without fangs, or the scenes with fangs but no biting, or even the two bus stop bench scenes, but there is nothing vampire about this video. It doesn’t feel like it belongs on Twinklight, as if it should be on any other twink site. I know there’s a good future ahead for Twinklight, but you wouldn’t know it as a paying customer.

It’s a shame really, I’ve been enjoying Kain’s performances and the introduction of Ryan is wonderful; just check out his beautiful smile. The Twinklight site has a bio for Ryan under the video which includes the line “he’s also got a smooth, pale body that we would love to see someone sink some fangs into!” And yet in his first Twinklight episode, no such biting, not even the hint of fangs.

Twinklight does have a great future ahead, at least from what I’ve been told, there will be enough future updates to fill two more dvds before a full sequel is released. That could suggest at least another 10 episodes, though many scenes didn’t make the latest dvd collection (read our write up on Twinklight: Vampire Diary) and might be saved for a future dvd, so we might be looking at a lot less. At the moment there is no schedule or sporadic regularity for us to go by.

I’m quite biased; I’m a huge fan of gay vampires and therefore I subscribe to Twinklight solely for the vampires. I could watch guys (and twinks) getting off anywhere on the internet, but I am a fangbanger. The quite selling point of Twinklight is the vampires, so when a video appears that lacks the one crucial element, it’s disappointing. I could wait for another update if I only knew it was the promised two weeks away. Yes, it’s difficult for the guys to have fangs or to stage the biting scenes but that is the point of Twinklight. We’re paying to see twinks as vampires and not receiving the goods. I want to continue to support Twinklight so they keep making it, but frankly this is no way to treat fans. I’m hoping director Afton Nills will respond to my email and offer some insight into the future direction for Twinklight.

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  1. Ryan is hot. I want to see that one with fangs. But what the hell, this episode was shit. Kain didnt do anything to show he was a vampire.

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