Wily Ryden and Mark Winters in Twinklight

Twinklight: I like to here you say it

I hope this sticks this time. Twinklight has finally been updated with the latest video I saw on Thursday, and amazingly the date the video was added to the site was April 5. So we went the whole weekend with the video on the site but not linked to.

The newest episode, “I like to here you say it” features (Wily Ryden) Dario and Levi (Mark Winters). The video begins with Dario and Levi out on a date, and Levi is beginning to get suspicious that Dario never eats. Turns out the pair have been dating for awhile and haven’t had sex yet, so the conversation turns into a little verbal foreplay as Dario coxes Levi to invite him over for the night. Jump to Levi’s bedroom and things turn hot, quickly, and Dario seems fully in control. Early on we get a glimpse of Dario’s fangs, yet if Levi noticed, he didn’t react. The hot vampire’s fangs are out through the whole video, but the best part comes right at the end.

As always, checkout the video at Twinklight.tv

After a rather one-sided meal, Levi finally asks Dario back to his place. The two boys make out as they find their way to bed and Levi is the first to lose his clothes. They take turns sucking each other’s dicks before Dario sinks his cock into Levi’s ass. He fucks the slender mortal first from behind and then it missionary. After they’ve both cum, Dario sinks something else into Levi… his fangs.

Wily Ryden and Mark Winters in Twinklight
Wily Ryden and Mark Winters in Twinklight

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