Conner Bradley and AJ Abner in Twinklight

Twinklight: I suppose it’s versatile

The latest episode of Twinklight is now available and my initial reaction is disappointment. Check out the photos or the preview image of the video and you’d expect to see vampire action between AJ Abner and Conner Bradley, but there are no fangs in sight.

Here’s the description:

AJ Abner is trying to break into his own car, or steal someone else’s, when Conner Bradley comes onto the scene. Thief or not, AJ isn’t subtle about what he wants… a piece of Conner. What’s a vampire to do but oblige a horny young twink? The two exchange oral, and wet rim jobs, before AJ gets all of Conner’s eight inches up his ass. The two fuck before the scenes reaches a climax with a double facial.

Clearly we’re to expect Conner to be a vampire. Of course this is the first episode featuring Conner and from the background information I’ve read, Conner is supposed to have just been turned. So either the video is out of sequence with the storyline or there’s been a change to the plot but not properly. Afton did write that he planned to shoot the videos in such a way to create two versions, a regular Twinklight vampires storyline and a boring non-vampire version. The photos show that we should have seen Conner as a vampire, while the video doesn’t.

If you see the photos, there appears to be two sets of repeating images, the first half showing Conner the vampire.

At time of writing this, I have not received confirmation that the wrong video was uploaded. You can check it out yourself at but at this point, I don’t recommend subscribing.

3 thoughts on “Twinklight: I suppose it’s versatile

  1. I feel like Twinklight is “revamping” itself and is finally getting some really cute vampires. I hope there’s a video to go with the photoset!

  2. FOUL FOUL FOUL… I CALL FOUL TWINKLIGHT. MOST DISAPPOINTING EP IN THE SERIES. Wouldn’t have been so bad if the stills had not been A BAG OF TEASE. If that was their intention, they miscalculated big time.

  3. I’ve gotten word back and the video online is the correct one. The photos are from a different shoot and are not related, and that’s understandable BUT the image used for preview of the video shows Conner with fangs bent over and getting it. This scene is not in the video at all and it’s mis-leading to show Conner as a vampire when he never appears as one in the video.

    I contacted Afton weeks ago but have not received a response, and he’s stopped blogging so it’s hard to know what’s going on. I really appreciate the hard work he’s doing but it’s sad not to see the vampire content which is so central to what Twinklight is all about.

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