Twinklight returns with Edmund and Brice

Twinklight has been updated with a new episode after a two month wait. The episode is over 28 minutes long featuring Edmund, played by Krys Perez, and Brice Carson kiss and caress each other, building the anticipation with every bite, suck, and touch. Krys slinks between Brice’s legs, minding his fangs while sucking his dick. Brice returns the favor before the vampire flips him over to eat his ass. When the vampire finally sinks his cock into Brice, their fucking is intense and passionate. After things get sticky when the boys cum, they get bloody as Krys feeds.

In a previous update, Edmund stalks Brice down an alley; when he corners him, Brice is turned on by the vampire and invites him home. The new episode picks up the story, but even at the end of this update, Brice still hasn’t been turned. It’s a good episode, with a good lengthy sex scene and thankfully including fangs and biting. It would be easy to criticize, especially for the long wait since the last episode, but that would be the only sore point at this time. Looking forward the continuing stories… but for now check out the latest video at yourself

6 thoughts on “Twinklight returns with Edmund and Brice

  1. 6 out of 10 for this one (which is my highest score to date) I think I will go back and bump it up a point for Krys P’s work. He actually has some good actor instincts and understands the vamp character. Watch closely as Brice performs oral on him and Krys reaches to touch and pinch a vein in Bryce’s bicep. Also the little teasing nips he takes around Bryce’s thighs and wrist are nice sexy touches. The feed is ok – shot too tight so it’s all just lips and stage blood for 80%. And when will TL learn that the sex and feed going concurrently is what is hot to fang bangers. ah well – can’t complain too much as TL is the only ones serving up vamp delights.

  2. There has not been a reivew about the latest TL vid posted to the TL site. It features Cain Lanning and Johnathan Cole – two nameless vamps that have apeared in previous updates. Here Cain is vamped up but Johnathan has not yet been turned. Overall this is a LAME addition to a host of other LAMENESS. Lanning has fangs and the two of them have sex… that’s it. Not particularly exciting or even titilating sex either. Pretty mundane fucking and there is no VAMP pay off at all other than … Lanning has fangs. So now I officially get to complain about the only vamp product in town because this is the second time they have had slightly gothic themed sex vid with next to ZERO vamp-dom. Not sure if these folk are even consulting fang bangers to find out what we find hot, but this ain’t IT. This is so far from IT that the light from IT would take a billion years to reach where they are. Sorry TL you have to do better than this if you want members to stay and to garner new members.

    1. Which video are you talking about? The last time we saw Kain, he was with Adrian and no other guy. Yes he was a vampire, near the end, but not much else was going on, and that was months ago.

  3. The update you refer to with Kain and Adrian Layton was titled “Won’t you Come In” after that we got an Edmund update with Krys and Brice called “Edmund Devours His Prey” this latest update with Kain and Jonathan (as described above) is titled “A Chance Encounter Turns Hot and Wet” and it is dated 09/23/11. It is the latest, I suppose this page of was not 100% the right place to place my review… I am not fully versed on the new layout. As I say, I found the update to be really lame so yo may not want to drop a dime to check it out.

    Thanks for asking, Pat

    1. Thanks for the update. The outside Twinklight site has still not been updated, so I completely missed the new video, and that’s why I was confused by your comment. It’s just too bad the video isn’t very good.

  4. Your welcome Sebastien… yah I can’t imagine TL is pulling in enough dough for them to produce much of anything. I think you and I are the only ones who look at the site these days. Ah well.

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