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A few weeks ago Afton Nills commented to one of the posts here. I hadn’t realized at the time, but Afton had also written a longer piece on the Twinklight backstory. Afton was defending the lack of fangs in some scenes. Sure I miss them, but I want to see more scenes too, so if not including the fangs during the sex saves time then let’s be supportive. And it’s a real bonus to get this backstory… maybe a bit more of that could come with each episode.

For those following the website, I realize that the storyline has jumped around a bit. The story has been dependent on my ability to work with the actors. So, while some of it may not make sense, while the updates are made, the holes will be filled in a bit. Not every person who’s bitten is turned into a vampire. A misconception by some. Some are killed off, and some are just fed on, others are turned. The ones fed on, are simply that. Food for the vampires. Some of them are turned, such as Kain Lanning. But we haven’t actually seen his transformation as of yet. His first scene with Jayden Ellis in the woods, he was not turned. He was only bitten. He appears again for us in a cage during the scene with Kyle Richerds (Chad Fitch) and Elijah White. He’s caged, because it has not yet been shown who and how he is turned.

Kain Lanning was asked to join Egan’s army previously played by Jayden Ellis. Kain accepted the offer, but we only saw Jayden bite Kain. We didn’t actually see Kain awake into a vampire. Kain is rather put into the food chain sorta speak. Which is why we see him in the cage during Chad and Elijah’s scene. While Kain is a vampire in this scene, this is the present time. The other scenes are in the past. Elijah’s character is actually the vampire who transforms Kain into a vampire. You will see this soon, but not just yet.

In the latest scene, Kain is a vampire. He does not turn Adrian, he sucks all the blood, and kills him. Now we don’t show that of course, but it is implied. If Adrian was to be turned, you would have seen him die, then wake up as a vampire, transformed with teeth, etc. If you don’t see that, don’t assume the mortal was changed into a vampire

Hopefully we can expect more scenes very soon, as Afton has said he’s already done the filming. It’s now been more a month since the last update, but Afton is doing this all himself. I urge everyone to keep supporting this independent project. I don’t see the big studios making any effort to bring gay vampires to porn; not Lucas, Falcon, Titan Men or even Belami, no matter how much I’ve begged. And thanks to regular Twilight, vampires are seen to be overdone so few studios are producing for fear of looking like their just milking the trend. So if you want good vampire porn, support the only filmmaker bringing vampires to screen. Remember your Twinklight membership also includes access to several other regularly updated sites. Support Twinklight by becoming a member

One thought on “Twinklight updates will continue

  1. Well this is all well and good, but there is no real reason to join the Twinklight site if the content is just going to lay there like some of their boring sudo-vamp porn (that last vid-short was no where near worth the price of admission.) If they aren’t going to update on some sort of semi-regular/scheduled basis, what is the point of joining and being charged for content that doesn’t appear?

    I guess int he end, we can’t get too riled up since there is a total dearth of fang bang material out there, but be fair and update with something, anything for our $$.

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