Gay Male Vampire recommendation: skip this film
Rating: 2/5
Summary: Like Bitten, Twinkula suggests a film with a strong vampire focus but fails to deliver. Fang and bite quality is low, there’s only the one vampire and no new ones are created, plus most biting action is weak or happens off camera.

There’s a new vampire adult film on the market and it looked promising, if you like twinks. That’s right, Twinkula is another gay twink vampire film. Pointed out by faithful reader Ryan, Twinkula was just released and you can see it over at AEBN. But you won’t want to.

I sat through the entire film in one viewing without getting excited as it lacks many of the features that make a gay vampire adult film successful: the vampire(s), good biting and the right ending. In Twinkula the vampire, inspired by a certain Twilight vampire with pale skin and big hair, shows up only a few times during the film then comes to an unfortunate end. For a film featuring a fanged vampire on it’s poster, that vampire gets very little screen time and when we see him, the scene quality isn’t that good. In the first biting scene actually on camera, it’s short and partially hidden, and the vampire misses his chance the second time. The three guys in the first scene are cute, but nothing interesting happens to them in the end. One boy from the next two meets his end but off camera. Only when the ‘crime scene’ investigator appears to interview the vampire does the action begin to get interesting, but only just.

Fang and bite quality is low, there’s only the one vampire and no new ones are created, and finally the ending is just lame and not fitting. A few months ago I suggested Eastern-European adult film powerhouse BelAmi create a vampire themed film with some of their beautiful models, either the twins or one of their famous orgies. Just in time for Halloween Twinkula is released from Eastern-Europe featuring what might be described as BelAmi rejects (though not all of them), a thin plot and poor vampire quality. I’m reminded of films such as Bitten where the movie is meant to focus on vampires and yet falls really short. For the most part the quality of the video is superior to other recent releases, helped with the daytime shoots filled with natural light, but this doesn’t save the movie.

Quite simply I was disappointed by Twinkula and don’t recommend it. See it at AEBN (if you don’t believe me)

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