Unzipped bites into the Vampire

The November (aka Vampire/Halloween) issue of Unzipped Magazine is now available. Grab it on newsstands or (hey I’ve never seen it on a newsstand) download the digital edition. The issue features a cover shot and photo-story starring Cameron Marshall and Diesel Washington. Cameron goes looking for the seductive vampire played by Diesel and gets turned in the process. Sadly Cameron’s only fang-baring shot is on the cover, while Diesel gets to show off his fangs in nearly every photo. (Okay, I’m not hiding it well, I definitely prefer Cameron and would welcome any porn featuring him as a vampire, but Diesel does make a much hotter Blacula).

The vampire featured issue also has an interview with yours truly and a quote from Ethan (Late Night Boyfriends editor) Kilburn. I’m going to post the entire q&a with the article’s writer, Byron Beck, so I can embarrass myself going on about vampires, and especially my views on which porn stars I think should star in a gay vampire porn. So check out Unzipped.

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