Vampire Boys 2: the New Brood now available


The sequel to the 2010 film Vampire Boys was released this week but I have not yet been able to watch it. Now available on DVD in the US, the movie has not been released digitally unlike the first film. Grab Vampire Boys 2 from Amazon or pick up the DVD from TLAgay, or you can buy or rent Vampire Boys 2 on iTunes

According to the film summary, “Jasin and Caleb’s eternal bliss is put to the test when Jasin’s century old rival Demetrius returns to get his revenge. Demetrius plots to destroy Jasin by creating an army of vampires by recruiting unwilling victims from the local boxing gym for his new brood. In his quest for domination, he recruits Jasin’s ex, Tara, who is still quietly grieving from Jasin’s rejection.” From the trailer I didn’t see the actors who played Jasin and Caleb, and they’re names aren’t listed in the credits.

Of course if you haven’t seen the original, it’s well worth it. Although less overly dramatic than the Lair, Vampire Boys features some hot shirtless and fanged vamps. Buy or stream the original at Amazon or buy or rent Vampire Boys on iTunes.

One thought on “Vampire Boys 2: the New Brood now available

  1. I just watched this movie last night . . . Jasin and Caleb are in the trailer; they are played by different actors. This is one thing that frustrated me about the movie: the “new” Caleb was much hotter than the first one, but he only talks about being a vampire . . . same with Jasin, i.e. they do not have fangs and, of course, never bite anyone. How they have been surviving as vampires is left as a plot hole.

    However, there is the Demetrius clan . . . I guess you could call them the “bad” vampires because they actually bite other people. There is one hot scene (see still photos, above) in the “gym”, which is just some backroom painted red. The newly-turned vampire sheds his clothes and also pulls down the pants of the cute guy right before biting him . . . but why? It’s looks like a porno in which the actual sex has been edited out.

    Most of the acting, with the possible exception of the actor who plays Demetrius, is also on the porno level, i.e. after seeing it once, reach for the fast forward button. In place of the sex, the scriptwriter has inserted scene after scene of this girl Tara boo-hooing about why she was not the “chosen one” . . . a dreadful substitute, and one wishes that the guys in the scene above, who were willing to get naked, had gone all the way.

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