Vampire Boys trailer now online

Here it is, the official Vampire Boys trailer. The Vampire Boys DVD will be available in March and already there is some great buzz about the film. As pointed out in an earlier comment by Ryan, there’s a similarity to the film The Brotherhood (our review here or check it out on tla video).

Pre-order Vampire Boys from tlaVideo.

Speaking of Vampire Boys, there was a 1999 adult film of the same name, however it’s also one of the hardest to find. If you have seen the original Vampire Boys and have an opinion about it, let me know.

3 thoughts on “Vampire Boys trailer now online

  1. I am proud to admit that I have a copy of Vampire Boys on VHS! Not the best movie – but there are some really hot scenes. There is a great biting and sex scene. When the guy gets turned, he goes after his BF to turn him. Good movie for starting a genre of Vamp porn.


    1. Thanks for sharing! Previous reviews have panned the original Vampire Boys.

  2. Yeah…Ive read some of them – the movie is not the best…but at least the vamps look like men but twinks…I am not hating twinklight but I would like to see some older vamps getting it on!!!

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