Matthew Hunter as the vampire and Brice Carson in Twinklight

Vampire Brice gets confused with the real vampire

Twinklight has been updated again, though I’m a week late reporting, and just like the previous episode this one show fangs in the preview but lacks the fangs during the video. When the video was first posted it was titled, “Vampire Brice Gets Fucked by Matthew” but the photos don’t show Twinklight regular Brice Carson as a vampire, instead Matthew has fangs. Now the episode has the exciting title “Brice Carson & Matthew Hunter”, yet if you read the description, there’s still some confusion about who the vampire really is. But again, once you watch the video, there are no vampires neither way.

Vampire Brice Carson is aching for a good fuck and human-but-horny Matthew Hunter is here to give it to him. After Brice sucks his dick, Matthew flips him over to eat his ass before sliding his dick into his tight hole. The mortal fucks Brice’s bubble butt until he makes him cum hard on his back. Matthew pulls out and shoots his load all over his vampire lover’s smooth stomach.

Aside from the now sadly common lack of fangs, this video doesn’t push the Twinklight story forward. The video just begins with Brice and Matthew making out, getting undressed and down to business. I won’t go on about previous critiques, after all this video and the next few were shot months ago so we’re not likely going to see any improvements, if ever. Just like the last episode, the photos deliver all the goods.

I’m looking forward to more episodes featuring my new favorite vampire, Conner, who we’ll see later this month. With luck we’ll get the story of how Conner came to be turned, clips of which were in the preview/interview with Conner.

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Vampire Matthew Hunter in Twinklight

Vampire Matthew Hunter and Brice Carson in Twinklight

Vampire Matthew Hunter and Brice Carson in Twinklight

Vampire Matthew Hunter and Brice Carson in Twinklight

Vampire Matthew Hunter preparing to suck Brice Carson in Twinklight

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