Vampire dating options

Have you ever taken a look around at the dating sites available for vampire lovers? There’s not much out there, I know I looked, and the few sites that exist are terrible. So how are we supposed to find others turned on by fangs?

A quick search brings up a few sites — Vampire Dating Site, Vampire Passions, Vampire Social, — all of which have some issues.

Personally I’ve never tried using Grindr to find a date, and fangs don’t seem to feature on Recon. I’ve considered adding a dating feature to this site in the past, and I’m thinking about it again. Or a sort of community, which is how Gay Male Vampire began a few years ago (and before being kicked off the Ning network).

Do any readers out there have experiences, good or bad, with any of dating sites? Do you have a boyfriend also into fangs? Would anyone be interested in using a vampire dating or community feature on this site? Do you want to meet other like minded guys? Comment below or send me an email sebastien (at)

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