The Vampire Diaries Jeremy Gilbert

Vampire Diaries disappoints, again

The Vampire Diaries Jeremy Gilbert

After last week’s second season premiere, the Vampire Diaries continued with another disappointing episode, at least in my opinion. I swear that the writers are playing with viewers—maybe it’s good writing that delivers a plot that you least expect (or want). For example we all expected (and hoped) that Jeremy would become a vampire, in fact most of the first season was leading up to his change. In the premiere last week there were two close calls but neither resulted in Jeremy being turned. No, instead Caroline gets turned, which I think is very much unfair. To start, Jeremy wanted it, she didn’t. And there has been enough female characters becoming vampires so it was time for a cute male to get the gift. So because it seemed obvious and a done deal, Jeremy has not been turned, although a strange relationship is emerging between him and Damon, but I think that’s so viewers think he still has a chance to at being a vampire.

Then there’s this growing plot line involving Tyler Lockwood and his uncle, the werewolves. Blah. Vampires and werewolves don’t get along, and werewolves are not sexy. But I have a prediction, and I really hope I am wrong. I have a feeling that Tyler’s werewolf uncle may be the token gay character series creator Kevin Williamson promised. I really hope that’s not true. And I really hope that the token gay character is or will become a vampire, and while I’m making my demands, he is not killed off like all the other vampires.

The stage is set and we will watch Tyler become a werewolf while Caroline struggles with being a vampire and not biting Matt. Hopefully there are a few good surprises in store.

Sure the episode was good and set up most of the plot for the coming season, and it’s my own annoyance with the story line’s direction that made me not like this show. Of course if you missed it, here’s episode 2, season 2 of The Vampire Diaries Brave New World. And we’ll see how the rest of the season unfolds and if the writers can deliver a good story.

2 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries disappoints, again

  1. Even if Tyler’s uncle is the gay male character that’s been in talks about, it wouldn’t be so bad for Jeremy to fall for him. Tyler’s uncle doesn’t seem much older than Tyler so we’ll see. And it seems that this season Jeremy’s character is totally opposite than last season, for the simple fact that he’s talking about killing vampires instead of becoming one. Maybe he’ll be turned somehow when hunting down a vampire, who knows though. If that happens then maybe he’ll still hunt down vampires. I’d still really like to see Jeremy to turn out gay, he just has that vibe coming from him and he’s so hot too.

  2. Man, it must have really sucked for you to see in what direction the show went ever since then.
    I personally stopped with the end of season 3, even bitching about it is no fun any longer.

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