Vampire of Budapest

As the first gay vampire porn I saw, The Vampire of Budapest should still be number one, but it has faults. There are three problems with this porn: the fangs are terrible (but the blood helped a little to make up for this); of the first two victims, we only see that the first one has turned and he’s not the best looking of the two; and finally the vampire becomes human in the end when his last victim says “I love you.” Blah.

On that second point, I suspect the producers were being cheap with the vampire contacts and only gave a pair to one of the turned victims. It is my favorite scene, watching the vampire of Budapest take his victims, and for them to awaken later. I still enjoy the fantasy that both men, including the hotter boy, became vampires. That second victim was also hotter than the main vampire, and thinking he lives on makes up for the ending.

Overall the boys are quite hot, though there were too many scenes without vampire action. There seems to be two types of gay vampire porn, the victim either knows he is having sex with a vampire or he doesn’t. In The Vampire of Budapest, the victims do know he’s a vampire. Maybe if the last victim hadn’t known he wouldn’t have caused the vampire to become human.

Quick facts:

Running time: 70-90 mins
Overall rating: 3/5
Guys: 2.5/5
Vampire quality: 3/5
Amount of vampire action: 2/5
Vampire action: fangs, biting, one or more boys turned
Worth the money: worth streaming

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