Vampires have gone back in the coffin

It’s been a month since the last update from Twinklight, and that update had been months late. I’ve been asking you all to keep supporting Twinklight, but it’s hard to wait without news. And there’s not much else happening in the world for gay vampires. Sure the remake of Fright Night will be released soon, and it looks good, but it’s not that gay. Unwelcome by Michael Griffo, the sequel to Unnatural will be released at the end of August, but it doesn’t look like many of you were interested in this teenage vampire love story. No things are quiet. Too quiet.

If you have been watching Teen Wolf on MTV, you’ll know it’s first season of 12 episodes will end this Monday. It’s been a good series with a few sexy boys who thankfully don’t completely wolf out. However unlike vampire dramas that have had werewolves added (Vampire Diaries, The Lair), no vampire has been added to Teen Wolf as yet. Maybe we’ll be lucky and the gay character will become a vampire in the next season.

We enjoyed a good period of gay vampire release after release, so we could find release. Two years ago I complained we were having a vampire drought, but that was nothing compared to now. If anyone has some news to share, please post a comment. For now I’m just going to have to rewatch Twinklight.

2 thoughts on “Vampires have gone back in the coffin

  1. Im sorry also that its been pretty quiet in the gay vampire world. I even tried to watch vampire boys and it was REALLY bad 🙁

  2. Yes it seems that this particular niche has run its course due to lack of interest. The porn producers just don’t see the fang banger market as one that will make them any money. Shame really for those of us who are turned on by the gothic nature of this kind of entertainment.

    I am not going to renew my twinklight subscription to the site as it just isn’t worth the cash with no real content to view and no sequel in site. Guess it was a 1 shot franchise.


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