Vampiros in Buenos Aires

A little good news with some bad. I recently found a ‘new’ gay vampire adult film but it’s a disappointment. Vampiros in Buenos Aires is the first Argentinian vampire adult film I’ve found, but it just nearly belongs in the not recommended list. The film has a storyline, but the vampire action is minimal and lacks fangs. I can’t fault the film for not being in English, even though there’s a lot of dialogue setting up the story, but fangs are a must in my book.

A lot must be said between the actors, including the scenes where the vampire falls in love with the boy and reveals himself. The story may be quite interesting, for anyone who understands Spanish, however there are so many missed opportunities during the film where the vampires could bite and don’t.

Vampiros in Buenos Aires is about a vampire, James (Bruno Bordas) who runs a hotel along side Frederico (Gonzalo Forte). They mix among humans, their hotel guests. The film features several with many of the hotel guests, some police officers looking for evidence from a death that happened in the hotel, and finally a boy the vampires fall for. The last scene is a group scene, beginning with the turning of a new vampire. But in the ceremony when the boy is bitten, we don’t see any fangs.

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